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Gold and Pink

The look is sensual, and softened in gold and pink, precious amethyst and amber.

The eyes are defined softly, the lips delicate – the seductive appeal of an illuminated face.

To create the look apply golden colored eye-shadow onto the eyelids, combined with eye-shadows in shades of chocolate. Apply thickening black mascara onto the eye lashes and,

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Sensual in Gold

Gold make up creates a sophisticated, mysterious, enchanting, dominant, sensual and sexy look. 
Gold shades of makeup upgrade and add a prestigious touch to the classic black dress.  It is an ideal solution for any occasion.
Being daring enough to put on gold make up gives you the opportunity to make the dramatic entrance –

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Astonishing Cherry

This style of make up is dramatic and sensual.
It has a combination of smoked chocolate and “baby” pink which together create a mix that is romantic and sexy.
The red lips create the sensual look which demands a juicy kiss from your beloved.

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