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Skin Care

There’s no doubt that the way your face looks is your visiting card during the day, and healthy-looking skin is a clear indication of youth and freshness, so it’s very important to care for your facial skin. Observing a few basic cosmetic treatments to nurture your skin will make caring for your skin a daily routine, and the results will be noticeable. Skin care, radiant skin and tips on how to preserve your facial skin have, in recent years, become particularly hot topics and have been subjects for research and development at a lot of large companies.

Nurturing facial skin has become a simple, every-day thing that doesn’t entail the need to visit to a spa or cosmetician, and can easily be done in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some tips for daily skin care:


While you sleep your skin secretes large amounts of oil which, together with dirt, clogs the pores. Every morning it is very important to clean your facial skin, use a toner and apply moisturizing cream.

  • Facial Soap – The first step is to wash your face using a facial soap that is suitable for your skin type. It is important to use soap designed especially for the face, because it is gentler than body soap and less drying for the skin.

  • Toner – The second step is the use of toner. Toner is designed to remove the residue of soap from your face, and also any residue that may remain of dirt and oil. Use a small amount of toner soaked onto a cotton wool or makeup pad, and cleanse the skin, using an upward motion.

  • Moisturizer – it is recommended to complete the nurturing of your face in the morning by applying moisturizer. Cleansing causes your facial skin to dry, and moisturizer restores the skin’s own natural moisture. It is important to select a moisturizer that suits the skin’s natural degree of moisture, and which also contains a sunscreen with a high screening coefficient. During the day the skin is exposed to the sun which, as we all know, is responsible for cumulative damage to the skin. Face cream containing sunscreen reduces and even prevents damage from the sun, which otherwise accelerates the aging of the skin. Over the age of 30 it is recommended to also use eye cream.


During the day

  • Don’t stay out in the sun too long – is important to avoid extended periods in the sun, and make sure that you use sunscreen in addition to a moisturizer containing sunscreen.

  • Look for skin-protection preparations based on minerals like titanium and zinc, which are considered to be physiological sunscreens, and which remain on the skin for hours.

  • Proper nutrition – you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants that help protect the skin from damage by the sun – especially those containing vitamins A and C. You should also eat legumes and whole grains which contain vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps maintain the appearance of your skin. Foods containing Omega-3, such as fish and ground flaxseed, also help to care for your facial skin.

  • There are food supplements that are recommended, like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid and lycopene, which also assist as part of your facial skin care routine.


Before going to sleep

Before going to bed your skin-care treatment should be similar to that of the morning; clean your face with facial soap or facial lotion, use toner and apply moisturizer. You can use a moisturizing cream that is specifically designed for use at night.

  • Additionally you can do a skin peeling treatment: facial peeling is done with a cream that contains tiny grains, designed to remove dead skin cells; this will make your skin look healthier. The peeling process dries the skin, reducing the risks of the skin developing pimples and rashes. Because of the fact that peeling dries your skin, it is recommended to use this product only once a week. Peeling is not suitable for all skin types – it is important to match it’s use to the needs of your skin, and to make sure your follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Using nourishing masks – Face masks are designed to restore moisture and nourishment to the facial skin. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can use them weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Skin care need not become an obsession. Carefully selection of the correct cosmetic treatment, and the right preparations, will do most of the work for you.

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