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How To Receive a Personal Consultation

Dear Guest,

In order to receive personal makeup consultation you just need to upload your photo to your personal profile page at the “Makeup Artist Consulting” section. Please read the following instructions before trying to load personal photo.

In the next few days, following your photo upload, our professional makeup artists team will examine your photo and you will receive a detailed e-mail with personal makeup recommendations according your facial look. During the makeup lessons and tutorial you will also receive applicable personalized makeup instructions and guidance, that will allow you to customize the tutorials instructions to feet your personal look.

This service is an exclusive service to Makeup Portal members, only. If you are not yet a member Register or Learn More about this course and its benefits such as this private and personal makeup consultation.

Photo Guidelines

Good Photo
Bad Photo
Frontal Shot

  • No Makeup!
  • Straight and level
  • No hair on forehead
  • Hair pulled back
  • Color Picture
  • Mouth closed (no teeth showing)

Bad hair
Hair on face/forehead
Head back
Head back
No glasses
No glasses
Uneven light
Uneven light
No teeth
Mouth open
Teeth showing
Head tilted to side
Head tilted to side
Not straight on
Not straight on
Out of focus
Out of focus
Poor quality
Poor quality
Black & white
Black & white
Aligned horizontally
Chin tucked in
Chin Tucked
Too Bright + Slanted
  • Not straight and level
  • Mouth open / Grinning / Teeth showing
  • Hair on face
  • Black & white
  • Not whole face
  • Face too small in frame
  • Wearing glasses

  • Your front shot must be straight-on to the camera.
    Resist the temptation to tuck your chin in, or raise it up, or look out the corner of your eyes. Having your head straight and level in your photos is the single most important requirement.
    If you can see the same amount of each ear, then your head is probably straight.
  • Your entire head must be in the photo.
  • Your hair should not cover your lower forehead or any part of your face.
  • Your face should be clean, with no makeup!
  • Your mouth should be closed. You can still smile (no grinning), make silly faces and grimaces.
  • Your chin should be slightly elevated as if you’re looking just above the camera.
  • Focus your eyes on something just above the camera, rather than into the distance, to avoid a spacey look.
  • You should not be wearing glasses.
  • Flash diffusers can be used.
  • The camera should be at least 3 feet (i.e. 1 meter) away from the face.
  • Flash lighting can be used to avoid shadows on your face.
  • Your photos should be in focus, large and crisp. The face part of the photo should be 700 or more pixels high (use your camera’s highest quality setting). Most image formats are supported.
  • Take the photo against a plain background (not essential) – try a light-colored wall.
  • Avoid uploading huge photos (>1.5MB) as this might overload our servers. Reduce the size by cropping around the facial area first and increasing the JPEG compression ratio. If you are buying a gift, best to email us your large photos so we can get the best quality out of them.

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Best Regards,
Gali Tsoar-Ron
Professional Make-Up Artist
And Makeup Portal Team