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Make Up for a Blind Date

blind date

Before you start making-up for a romantic date, it is important to remember that the way you make-up is certainly going to affect the results of that date.

The colors of eye-shadow that you choose will have an influence on the person looking at you, just like the scent of your perfume and, of course, how you have matched the style of your make-up and your clothing. Additionally, there are several don’t rules that it is important to avoid during the first date, because as the saying goes: “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

The preparation for going on a first date is accompanied by a feeling of excitement about the date, and ‘butterflies’ in your stomach! What to wear? How to do your hair? How to make-up? These are just a few of the questions that go through your mind and, therefore, the first date is a one-time opportunity to make that first impression, and there’s no point complaining about superficiality, because this is really work. Your outward appearance is very significant in determining your initial impression; although, of course, we are not overlooking the importance of your character and your ability to participate in a meaningful dialogue. Your make-up for the first date needs to create an impression on your partner, and the first question you need to ask yourself is: what is the impression that you want to make on him?

Different kinds of make-up will leave different kinds of impression:

Natural make-up

blind date natural look

Make-up need not necessarily be overly emphasized. The right make-up is something that can, on the one hand, conceal or repair what it is you wish to hide and, on the other hand, will bring out those areas that require only highlights and natural make-up; this will give your date an impression of who you are, since the make-up will subtly emphasize the contours of your face without creating an exaggerated impression. Select only neutral shades that flatter your natural tones; the color of your hair, the color of your skin and the color of your eyes are what should determine the correct shades that will simply provide a light “highlight” to your natural beauty, without taking control of it. It is, of course, important to match your make-up to the outfit that you have selected, and therefore you should choose a light dress in a shade that compliments you and is not too daring; or an elegant trouser matched with a buttoned-through blouse in a soft fabric.

Sexy make-up

blind date sexy look

If you want to create a more daring impression, you can invest in clothing and make-up that are intended to emphasize a sexy appearance. At the same time, even ‘sexy’ make-up can strike a balance and not emphasize the entire face too much. Try to choose the prettiest part of your face and emphasize that: if you’ve chosen your eyes, you can emphasize them using smoky make-up, and if you’ve chosen your lips, you can emphasize them in a strong shade of Red or deep Wine, according to the shade of your skin and your hair. To add an even greater touch of drama and mystery you can add false eyelashes. A black dress will complete the sexy look, and will add to the air of mystery. High-heeled shoes are the perfect complement to this type of make-up and clothing, conveying a sense of daring; they should therefore be added to complete the look.

Radiant Make-up

Radiant Make-up

If you would like to leave a radiant impression, that is especially imposing and elegant, you can choose make-up that is glittering and radiant, to emphasize your face and to add an impressive and brilliant touch. You can do that by using dazzling shades of eye shadow for your eyes, bronzer for your skin, and add touches of glitter, or a combination of lipstick with glimmering lip gloss. Here too, it is very important not to exaggerate, in order not to create a look that is too ‘artificial’, but to choose one area and emphasize that slightly more than the other areas, by adding an element of radiance. According to your natural tones, choose shades that will bring out your look, and will not create too strong of a contrast – which could also create an impression that is too exaggerated. Complete the look with a sparkling outfit and, of course, shoes to match the look.

In addition to the make-up, your perfume will also leave an indelible impression . . . leaving a long trail of perfume is not recommended. Remember – many people are sensitive to smells. You want to use a perfumed preparation without any dominant scent and remember that – similar to the way scents affect mood and emotion – color also has a significant effect on the people who meet us. Also, applying nail polish in fashionable shades of green, light blue or yellow might indicate an unstable or extrovert personality, or even a superficial one. Clear nail polish is preferable by far.

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