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Make-Up for Teenage Girls

Make-Up for Teenage Girls

Adolescence is a stressful period for any teenage girl, fraught as it is with physical and emotional changes. At this age, physical appearance becomes very important and this is the time when their hormones are running wild, and all the pimples appear.
The teenaged girl looks into the mirror and vows that there is no way she’ll go out of the house looking like that!

So how can it be concealed, and how should one apply make-up correctly?

Just as with any other area of beauty care, there are some basic rules in the area of make-up for girls, with the key for adolescents being to create a fresh, natural look that looks like you’re not using make-up at all.

Since in many instances teenage girls have oily skin, characterized by pimples and redness, the first rule – before applying make-up – is to make sure that your facial skin is kept clean. The most effective method is to keep a liquid soap in the bathroom that is specially made for oily skin, and make sure to use it at least once a day.

Blemishes are, indeed, one of the characteristics of young skin, resulting from infection that develops because of dirt; keeping the skin clean can ease this condition, and can sometimes even prevent this phenomenon.

Make-Up for Teenage Girls

Little makeup secrets for girls:

  • When you start putting on make-up, don’t have to jump right into the deep end. You can start with little things like a little clear lip gloss, using make-up only at the weekends or for a party. Teenage skin is young-looking skin, full of natural radiance and beauty (unless you suffer from acne, when the skin needs to be treated differently) so it is better to enjoy its natural features as long as possible.

  • If you have oily skin you should use an oil-free moisturizer or a matte-texture makeup base before applying the make-up – this will increase the ability of the makeup to withstand oil, which often results in the make-up dissolving, and appearing dirty. If you have pimples on your face you should apply a therapeutic preparation before applying the make-up.

  • For girls who suffer from pimples, enlarged pores or oily and shiny facial skin: You can use oil-free liquid foundation which has therapeutic qualities for pores and pimples. One can also get medical foundation or pimple concealer which provides remedial treatment for spots, as well as transparent powder that absorbs the oils, for anyone who suffers from skin that is exceptionally oily. If you are suffering from acne (adolescent pimples), apply concealer the same shade as your skin locally, around the spot, with a light tapping technique, until it is absorbed into the skin.

  • Makeup for girls is natural makeup aimed at highlighting the beautiful lines and to blur flaws if necessary and nothing more, so it’s important to choose products to look natural or so that they wont make you appear too mature, and wont be too coarse for young skin. The shades recommended for adolescent girl are shades of beige, peach, delicate pinks and natural browns, or other earth tones. The colors need to be transparent with almost no pigment, providing a look that is radiant, young and fresh. There are soft pastel shades of eye shadow that add a little color and shading and create a delicate and colorful look; or light, bright eye shadows that add a gentle radiance. You should use a small and delicate amount to achieve the color you want, without appearing heavy on the eyelid. A small amount adds color and shine yet still retains a look which is young and fresh.

  • Black pencil inside the eye doesn’t suit everyone. It can make the eyes appear smaller and there is also the risk that this will cause the area underneath the eye to look dirty. It’s best to apply the pencil onto the lower line of the eyelashes and smudge it slightly, using a moist Q-tip. In addition, if you have small eyes, you’re better off using a light colored pencil rather than black. It is important to use a good quality eye-line pencil that wont cause harm or result in infections, and will stay clean without smudging or liquefying.

  • Blush – it’s best to choose a delicate and pinkish shade of blush. Shades that are too dark result in a coarse and dirty appearance, and are not flattering for young faces. The colors that are more suitable for older women are not suitable for young skin, which normally has a natural blush. So that you look young and fresh, yet nonetheless to add some blush, take a large, round blush brush, add a small amount of color, smile into the mirror and brush the blush onto the “apples” of your cheeks. Placing the blush correctly will give a small amount of color and will create a look that is youthful and contemporary. Make sure that you don’t end up with a dark-looking splotches, and smudge it gently with the brush.

  • Lips – transparent shades of lip gloss will give a little color and shine, will keep the lips moist and give you a look that is made-up, but delicate. Avoid dark and strong shades, that will result in a hard and old look.

Make-Up for Teenage Girls

And in conclusion, two important tips:

  1. Don’t share your makeup products with anyone, and don’t use anyone else’s make-up (not even your mother’s). Every product has a different texture and it is not necessarily suitable for your skin type. Also, there’s the fear of picking up allergies and infections, especially from eye make-up.

  2. Make it a rule: never go to bed wearing make-up. Sleeping with make-up on your face may result in infections and rashes. It is important to give your pores time to breathe. Take off your make-up using facial lotion, foaming gel or soap that is suited to your skin.

Enjoy using make-up!

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